How to Import Presets in Lightroom

How to Import Presets in Lightroom
Import Presets in Lightroom

Whether you are using Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, or Lightroom Mobile on Android or iOS, installing and importing presets is a simple process. In this article, we will walk you through the steps for each version of Lightroom, ensuring you can make the most of your presets across all platforms. Adobe Lightroom presets are powerful tools that can streamline your photo editing workflow and help you achieve stunning results with just a few clicks.

Installing And Importing Lightroom Presets On Lightroom Classic

Professional photographers and expert aficionados will always choose Adobe Lightroom Classic. The preset formats that Adobe Lightroom Classic supports are.XMP files. Here’s how to install and import presets:

Method 1: Installing Presets Using the “Import Presets” Option

  1. Begin by downloading the Lightroom presets you want to install on your computer. Presets usually come in or.lrtemplate (old versions) file formats.
  2. Click on the “Develop” module in the top-right corner of the Lightroom Classic interface.
  3. On the left-hand side of the Develop module, you’ll see the “Presets” panel. If you can’t see it, click the small triangle to expand it.
  4. Right-click on the “Presets” panel and select “Import.”
  5. A file dialog box will appear. Use it to navigate to the location where you downloaded your presets.
  6. Select the preset files you want to install.
  7. After selecting your preset files, click the “Import” button.
  8. (Optional) Lightroom Classic allows you to organize your imported presets into folders for easy access. To do this, right-click within the “Presets” panel and choose “New Folder.” Name the folder and drag presets into it.
  9. Your imported presets will now appear in the “Presets” panel under the “User Presets” section.
  10. To apply a preset to a photo, click on the preset name. Lightroom will automatically apply the preset’s adjustments to the selected image.

Method 2: Drag and Drop Presets into Lightroom Classic

  1. Download the Lightroom presets you want to install on your computer.
  2. Open your computer’s file explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS) and navigate to the location where you downloaded the presets.
  3. Select the preset files you want to import and drag them directly onto the Lightroom Classic window.
  4. Lightroom Classic will automatically detect the dragged preset files and display a dialog box titled “Import Presets.” Ensure the “Import” option is selected and click “Import.”
  5. As in the previous method, you can create folders to organize your imported presets within the “Presets” panel.
  6. Your imported presets will be available in the “Presets” panel under “User Presets.”
  7. To apply a preset to a photo, click on the preset name, and Lightroom Classic will apply the preset adjustments to the selected image.

Method 3: Importing Presets via Lightroom Classic Preferences

  1. How to import presets in Lightroom classicOn a macOS computer, go to “Lightroom Classic” (in the top menu bar) > “Preferences.”
  2. In the Preferences dialog box, click on the “Presets” tab.
  3. Within the Presets tab, there is a button labeled “Show Lightroom Develop Presets.” Click on it.
  4. In the Develop Presets folder, you can either copy or move the preset files you downloaded earlier. You can create subfolders within this folder to organize your presets, if desired.
  5. Close and then reopen Lightroom Classic (restart Lightroom Classic) to ensure it recognizes the newly added presets.
  6. Your imported presets will now be available in the “Presets” panel under “User Presets.” You can apply them to your photos by clicking on the preset name.
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Import Lightroom Presets On Lightroom Mobile

Method 1: Using Lightroom Desktop to Synchronize:

Because of Adobe Creative Cloud synchronization across platforms, when you import presets in Lightroom Desktop or Lightroom CC, these presets are automatically saved to your Lightroom Mobile app. This means that once you have imported presets to your Lightroom desktop and your mobile app is connected to the cloud, you do not need to worry about importing them separately on your mobile.

Method 2: Import using DNG files

  1. First, download the DNG files containing the Lightroom Mobile presets. These files may already have preset settings applied to them.
  2. To import DNG files, press the “+” icon or select “Add Photos” (the exact phrase may differ based on your Lightroom Mobile version).
  3. Choose the option “From Files.”
  4. Open the folder containing the DNG files you downloaded.
  5. You can import more than one DNG file at a time by selecting them all at once.
  6. To import the DNG files into Lightroom Mobile, select them and then press the “Add” or “Import” button.
  7. Select “Create Preset” or a comparable item from the options menu to preserve the editing settings you are currently using as a preset.
  8. You will be prompted to rename your preset; provide a name that accurately describes the style or tweaks you made.
  9. (Optional) Depending on your preferences, you can arrange your presets by adding the new preset to an already-existing preset group or by creating a new group.
  10. To save the preset, touch the “Save” or “Create” button after naming and choosing a group, if desired.
  11. To apply the newly produced preset to other photographs, open a different shot in Lightroom Mobile, navigate to the “Presets” area, and choose the newly made preset. The newly created preset is now available in your Lightroom Mobile presets collection.
  12. Open a different photo in Lightroom Mobile, select the preset you saved or imported from the “Presets” area, and then apply the preset settings to other photos.
  13. Once you have applied the preset, you may use Lightroom Mobile’s editing capabilities to further tweak your image to get the desired effect.
  14. After making any necessary modifications and being happy with the result, save or export your altered photo.
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Method 3: Import user presets (recommended and easy method)

  • Open the Lightroom Mobile application on your iOS or Android gadget.
  • To edit a photo, open it, or start a new project.
  • Select the “Presets” icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner, then choose “import presets.”
  • Navigate to the folder containing your preset files, and a file browser will appear where you may select the preset files you wish to import.
  • Press on the preset files (typically in. dng format) that you wish to import; if necessary, you can pick more than one preset file at once.
  • To import the preset files into Lightroom Mobile, pick them and then press “Import” or “Add.”
  • Your imported presets are now available for usage in the Presets section.
  • Lightroom Mobile will apply the preset’s adjustments to the selected image when you tap on the name of the preset.
  • You can use Lightroom Mobile’s editing features to further alter your shot after applying a preset to get the exact appearance you want.

FAQ: How to Import Presets in Lightroom

What is the difference in photo import between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC?

The import processes of Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC differ slightly. In Lightroom Classic, you can import photos from your computer, camera, or external drives using the “Import” dialog. In Lightroom CC, however, the import process is more straightforward and integrates with cloud storage, making it simple to import and access photos across devices.

Can I load images into Lightroom from a USB disk or external hard drive?

It is possible to import images from external drives into Lightroom; simply attach the drive to your computer, and Lightroom should detect the disk and display the external drive in the import dialog box, allowing you to choose which images to import.

What should I do in Lightroom if my imported photographs disappear or appear to be “offline”?

 If your imported photos are missing or offline, it’s usually due to the files being moved or renamed outside of Lightroom. To resolve this, right-click on the folder or photo in the Library module and choose “Locate Missing Photos” or “Update Folder Location” to reconnect them.

Is Lightroom able to import and process raw photos?

Yes, Lightroom can import and edit RAW files, giving you the best quality and versatility when it comes to post-processing. Lightroom supports RAW photo formats from a variety of camera manufacturers.

Is there a way for Lightroom to automatically import pictures from my camera or phone?

Yes, Lightroom allows you to configure auto-import by adjusting your import settings. You can configure Lightroom to automatically import photographs from your camera or smartphone when connected to your computer.

If I import the incorrect photographs by accident, is there a way to undo the import?

You may undo an import in Lightroom by selecting the photographs you wish to remove from the import, right-clicking, and selecting “Delete from Disk” or “Remove.” Use caution when using this option, though, since it will permanently wipe the selected photos from your storage.

Conclusion: How to Import Presets in Lightroom

Finally, photographers and creative enthusiasts alike will find that learning how to import presets into Lightroom is a game-changer. Not only does it speed up your workflow, but it also provides a polished look to your photos.

You now have a thorough understanding of how to import presets in Lightroom by following the step-by-step instructions provided in this blog post. Whether you are an experienced photographer hoping to increase productivity or a novice excited to try out different looks, being able to import presets gives you the ability to instantly alter your photos.

Remember that customization and adaptability are essential when you set out on your preset-driven creative adventure. Try out several presets, tweak settings to fit your own aesthetic, and see how your images come to life in unexpected ways.

Get ready to transform your editing process and watch your photography evolve with the magic of Lightroom presets! The world of presets is vast, and by mastering their import, you have unlocked a powerful tool to amplify your creativity and produce visually stunning results! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to elevate your Lightroom experience!

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