How to Find Wi-Fi Password On Windows PC

Want to know the ways to Find Wi-Fi password on windows PC. Then here you search is over. In this article I covered every possible way to check your Wi-Fi password. I also added images to make it easy for you.

Whenever we connect to any Wi-Fi using our PC. We usually choose option connect automatically for ease of connecting to the same Wi-Fi again and that is good thing.

But we all forget that Wi-Fi password after few days or months and then we all find the way to check the Wi-Fi password on PC. So here I will share the best way to find any saved of connected Wi-Fi password on your Windows PC.

First let me tell you no matter which Windows you are using weather it is the latest Windows 11 or the older version of windows like Windows 10, 8, or Windows 7. This article will help you to find Wi-Fi Password on any Windows PC.

Same as windows no matter which brand’s laptop or desktop you are using weather it is a HP laptop, Dell laptop, Asus Laptop, or any other brand the process to check Wi-Fi password for all brand’s laptops and desktops will be the same.

How to Find Your Current Wi-Fi Password on Windows PC

If you are connect to any Wi-Fi and want to know the password of that Wi-Fi network then just follow the below steps and you will get the Wi-Fi password in a second.

  • Open your PC setting by clicking on the windows icon taskbar of your pc and the click on the setting.
  • In settings open Network & Internet settings. Here you will see your connected Wi-Fi at the top of your PC screen
  • Now click on the properties option available next to your Wi-Fi network name.
  • On the WiFi properties page scroll down to the page and at the end on the page you will get a option called view WiFi security key. Now to check the WiFi password click on the view button.

This is how you can check any Wi-Fi password on your Windows PC in just few seconds.

How to Check Wi-Fi Password using cmd?

Above we see the steps to check Wi-Fi password on windows PC using settings now here I will tell you how you can check your Wi-Fi password using CMD on your PC.

  • Open cmd on your PC. (Press ctrl+r and enter cmd to open cmp window on your pc)
  • Here you need to enter the command mentioned below to check your WiFi password
netsh wlan show profile name= wi-fi name key=clear

Replace wifi name with your actual Wi-Fi name in my case command is 

netsh wlan show profile name= Airtel_9899946121_5GHz key=clear
  • After entering the above command in cmd you get your Wi-Fi password under security setting as shown in the below image.

FAQ – How to Find Wi-Fi Password On Windows PC

Here are few most asked question on the internet about finding the Wi-Fi password on Windows PC. I tried to answer these question in the simplest way possible if you found something odd let me know in the comments.

Can I see My Wi-Fi password on my PC?

Yes you can see your Wi-Fi password on your PC. To check the Wi-Fi password open your Wi-Fi properties from your PC’s Network settings and click on view Wi-Fi security key.

How to check your Wi-Fi Password?

There are two way to check your Wi-Fi password on your PC.
Check Wi-Fi password in PC setting – Open your PC Network settings > Open on your Wi-Fi properties > Now click on view Wi-Fi Security Key.

Check Wi-Fi password using cmd – Open cmd on your PC and enter following command and press enter. (netsh wlan show profile name= your wi-fi name key=clear). Now you will get your Wi-Fi password under security settings section.

How do I find my Wi-Fi password on my HP laptop?

No matter which brand’s laptop your are using the process of checking the Wi-Fi password is same. Open your PC’s Network settings > Now open Wi-Fi network properties > Click on view Wi-Fi security key.

Conclusion – How to Find Wi-Fi Password

Here I tried to keep the Information as simple as possible so that everyone can understand the process of finding the Wi-Fi password on Windows PC. If you have any question or suggestion just let me know in the comment section. Also if find this article useful don’t forget to share it on social media to help other on the globe.

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