How to Get Grammarly Premium Account Free of Cost In 2022

Grammarly Premium account free login details
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Hey Readers, today I am going to share the Grammarly premium account Free. Grammarly is one of the best tools for writing. But not everyone can afford Grammarly premium. If you want to get a Grammarly premium account free, you have to do some tasks although all the tasks are very easy. So read this article carefully, and after a few minutes, you can easily use Grammarly premium for free. So in this article, I will teach you how to use Grammarly premium for free. The method that I will tell you is 100% legal. Also, many other people are using this. 

Grammarly Writing Support
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What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is the tool that helps you in writing error-free articles and posts. You can check spelling and grammar as you write on your social media or any other site or app. Grammarly is a freemium tool you can use the Grammarly extension free of cost, and on the other hand, you will get a Grammarly premium subscription for $29.95 per month if you are billed for a single month, but if you choose an annual subscription, it will cost you $11.66 per month. Grammarly also offers a business plan that will cost you $12.50 per month when you are billed annually for the business plan.

How to use Grammarly Free Extension

As I said above, Grammarly provides a free extension that you can use to check spelling mistakes whenever you write anything.

Grammarly Writing Support
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If you are new to using Grammarly you should use the Free Grammarly extension first then go for the Grammarly premium account. I am sure that the free version of Grammarly is amazing and I strongly recommend using Grammarly’s free version first.

Steps to use Grammarly extension

Grammarly Premium Free
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Click on add to chrome/ firefox

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Click on continue installation in the popup

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Now click on the add button in the popup

grammarly premium account free
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Grammarly extension is successfully added to your browser

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Now you need to activate Grammarly if you want to use it

how to use grammarly premium free
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Here you need to create an account on Grammarly (you can signup using Facebook/ Google/ Apple / Email)

grammarly premium account
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Now you see your account is successfully created

premium grammarly account
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Now click on the extension option in your browser and your extension is successfully activated

use grammarly premium free
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That is it this is the amazing and free extension of Grammarly that you can use on multiple browsers. So you should try this before going for the Grammarly premium account.

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How to get Grammarly premium Free

There are many ways to get Grammarly premium for free like many people say: use cookies, participate in giveaways, and many other ways. But, I am not telling you about all those ways to get Grammarly premium. I am going to share a Grammarly premium account with you. Note: This account is using many other people; this is not your private account.

Fill out the below form to get a Grammarly premium account for free.

As I said, this is not your private account so if you want your private account get it from the link below.

Get a Private Grammarly Account

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Get Grammarly Premium For Free Using Cookies

Above I shared Grammarly Premium account login details. With those details, you can directly log in to Grammarly with those details.

But sometimes it doesn’t work due to some issues. So if this happened don’t worry about that there is another way to access Grammarly premium for free.

How to use Grammarly Premium Free Using Cookie Editor

To use Grammarly Premium free with the help of a cookie editor you need to add an extension to your browser to edit cookies.

This is 100% free extension with the help of this you can easily edit the cookies of any website that you want.

To access Grammarly Premium Free we will do 3 steps.

In the first step, we will install Cookie Editor Chrome Extension to your browser.

To do that just follow the below steps

  1. Go to Chrome web store and search for cookie editor
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2. Click on add to chrome and the extension will be installed on your browser

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3. That is it extension is installed on your browser and it’s available on the top right side of your browser.

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In the second step, you need to clear the existing cookies of Grammarly.

  1. To do that go to Grammarly .com website
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2. On this page we will use that cookie editor to clear cookies

2.1 After opening the Grammarly website click on the cookies editor extension in the top right section of your browser

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2.2 Here you will see four options ( Add, Delete All, Import, and export) You need to click on delete all to clear the cookies of the Grammarly website.

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In the third step, we will import cookies that help us to use Grammarly premium for free

The first thing that we need is cookies ( I added update cookies you can use them to access Grammarly premium for free)

  1. Copy Grammarly premium cookies that are available below

2. Now come back to the same page where we cleared the cookies here click on import and paste those cookies here and again click on import

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3. After that just refresh the page and that is it you are logged into the Grammarly premium account free of cost.

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That is it you are successfully logged in to the Grammarly premium account.

Note:- Don’t log out after login using cookies if you did you can’t log in again using those cookies

Updated Cookies to Use Grammarly Premium account free

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It’s your turn

In this article, I shared a Grammarly premium account worth $139.92. So that’s it from my side. So, Please share this article on your social media. Your one share will make my day.

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