Adobe Lightroom Presets Free Download

Adobe Lightroom Presets Free Download
Adobe Lightroom Presets Free Download

This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of Lightroom presets, exploring what they are, their numerous benefits, and how to find, download, and use them effectively. Presets are pre-defined settings that photographers can apply with just one click, saving time and helping maintain a consistent look across their portfolio.

These are some of the free presets that Adobe offers in zip file format. Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Desktop (which uses XMP file format), and Lightroom Mobile (which uses DNG file format) can all use these presets.

What are Lightroom presets?


Lightroom mod apk is a premium version of Lightroom that offers many presets unlocked. Lightroom presets are pre-defined sets of adjustments and enhancements that can be applied to your photos with a single click. These adjustments cover a wide range of parameters, including exposure, contrast, saturation, color grading, and even creative effects like vintage or cinematic looks. Presets can be thought of as a shortcut to achieving a specific style or mood in your photos without the need to manually tweak each setting.

Benefits of using Lightroom Presets

After learning the fundamentals of what Lightroom presets are, let us examine the many advantages they offer before downloading the presets.

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Beginners Friendly:

Presets are a great place to start if you are new to photo editing. They give you instant results without requiring you to know every detail about editing software. A few months ago, I received a complaint from a friend about his poor photo editing skills. As a professional photographer, I gave him a bundle of 100 presets to use as needed. Yesterday, he came to me, hugged me, and thanked me for those presets. You know that feeling, don’t you?

Time Efficiency:

Editing photos can take a lot of time, especially when you are working with a large batch of images. Lightroom presets, on the other hand, are my absolute favorite tool because they automate repetitive tasks, so when you are editing hundreds of photos at once during batch editing, you can edit them all at once with a single click. If you have spent hours editing one wedding photo, you can also apply those settings to your other wedding photos, which saves even more time.

Creative Exploration:

Presets are more than just quick edits; they can also be the basis for creative exploration. Take them as a starting point and modify them to fit your vision. Even for the most experienced editor, presets offer fresh perspectives on editing; they arouse curiosity and encourage experimentation, which is what makes Lightroom so fascinating. As for me, even after using Adobe Lightroom for years, I continue to pick up new tricks and skills every day.


Presets guarantee that your entire body of work presents a cohesive look. If you edit some of your photos and you want to apply the same editing pattern to your other photos, you can do it with just a click. If you try to apply the same editing settings manually, I bet you will make mistakes. Just kidding! You can be right, but it will take some extra effort and time, of course. As professional photographers and influencers know, maintaining a consistent editing style across your photos is crucial.

Effortless Experimentation:

As a virtual toolbox of artistic possibilities at your disposal, presets let you experiment with different styles and moods without committing to a specific look. I create new presets and share them with my friends, and we converse about them in depth. Therefore, presets are a great way to experiment and boost your creativity.

How to Use Lightroom Presets That You’ve Imported

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Although importing Lightroom presets is a straightforward operation, it might be challenging for those who are unfamiliar with Lightroom. I have covered every possible way to import Lightroom presets in a dedicated blog.

To utilize presets, follow these steps after importing them into Lightroom.

  • On your desktop, launch Adobe Lightroom, then choose the image you wish to modify.
  • Using the shortcut key “E” or the “Edit” option at the top of the screen, you can access the editing tools.
  • Find and select the “Presets” button from the Edit menu.
  • Locate the “Yours” category under the Presets menu.
  • Choose “Saved Presets” under the “Yours” category.
  • Look through the presets you have saved and select the one that most closely matches your editing objectives.
  • Once the preset is applied, you may use the various editing tools and sliders to further fine-tune your image and get the desired effects.

How Do I Save Presets From The Lightroom Discover Tab?

  • On your desktop, launch Adobe Lightroom, then select the “Discover” option.
  • Look through the photos on the Discover page until you locate a picture that perfectly captures the look you want to go for.
  • Select “Save as Preset” from the Discover panel’s upper-right corner.
  • Select the picture to which you wish to apply the saved preset by going to the “All Photos” page.
  • Clicking the “Edit” menu will bring up the editing tools.
  • Choose the “Presets” button from the Edit menu.
  • Navigate to the “Yours” category and select “Saved from Discover.”
  • Select your chosen photo and use the preset you already saved from the Discover menu.
  • To get the ideal outcome, you can keep adjusting your photo with the available editing tools.
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Basic presets.

“Grab your free bundle with nine essential presets, perfect for food photography or taking gorgeous portraits.”

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Night presets.

“Inside this package, you’ll discover four presets. Take your photos to a professional standard as you venture into the world of nighttime editing.”

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Nature preset.

“With this complimentary preset, you can effortlessly enhance your photos and uncover the breathtaking beauty of nature.”

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Street preset.

“With the aid of this preset, turn your street photos into moody cityscapes with dramatic lighting, evoking an atmospheric ambiance.”

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All presets.

“Get access to an extensive library of 43 complimentary Lightroom presets that are bundled together, and relish the artistic flexibility to experiment with your photographs.”

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Portrait presets.

“Accentuate your model’s distinctive characteristics using a set of three complimentary portrait presets.”

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Colour presets.

“This collection includes three presets that are intended to bring out the rich colors and unique tones in your images.”

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Architecture presets.

“With a selection of 18 architecture presets, you can improve the architectural aesthetics and add a unique character to your photos.”

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Pet presets.

“With just a few clicks, you can make your cherished dog or cat the center of attention with four free presets designed specifically for animal lovers.”

FAQ: Adobe Lightroom Presets Free Download

What are Lightroom presets, and why should I use them?

With just one click, you can apply pre-defined sets of editing modifications to your photographs in Lightroom, which saves time, guarantees consistency in your editing style, and offers a foundation for creative upgrades.

Where can I get Lightroom presets for free?

Free Lightroom presets can be obtained from several sources, such as blogs, photography forums, preset marketplaces, and Adobe’s website.

Are free Lightroom presets as good as paid ones?

Paid presets often offer more options and professional-grade changes, but many free presets are made by outstanding photographers and can be just as effective. Free presets can be great, but the quality may vary.

How do I download and install Lightroom presets?

To install Lightroom presets, open Lightroom, navigate to the Develop module, locate the Presets panel, right-click on it, pick “Import,” and choose your downloaded preset files. Generally, you can download presets as ZIP files and then unzip them.

Can I customize or adjust the downloaded presets?

Yes, you can modify the downloaded presets to fit your photographs. Lightroom’s editing features allow you to make additional adjustments to your image after applying a preset.

Conclusion: Adobe Lightroom Presets Free Download

To sum up, photographers and enthusiasts who want to up their editing game without going broke can explore endless creative possibilities with the free Adobe Lightroom Presets download. By using these presets, users can access expertly designed settings that can instantly improve the aesthetic appeal of their photos.

We have covered the advantages of Adobe Lightroom Presets in this blog post, along with instructions on how to download and apply them to your editing process. The appeal of free presets is that they can help you save time, make your work more consistent, and are a great resource for beginners in photo editing.

When you start experimenting with Adobe Lightroom presets, remember that customization is key. Although the free presets are a great place to start, you can make adjustments and tweaks to make sure your style comes through in every shot.

With free presets at your disposal, you have the key to unlocking a realm of artistic expression, making your editing process both efficient and aesthetically stunning. Download, experiment, and watch your photos transform with the magic of Adobe Lightroom Presets! Stay tuned for more resources and updates on the world of photography, editing, and the incredible tools Adobe Lightroom has to offer!

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