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Download the latest version of the Lightroom Mod APK. This Mod App is Premium Unlocked with All Premium Features and No Ads Lightroom Mod APK.

Lightroom, one of the best editing apps, offers simple-to-use tools for photo and video editing that will improve your photography. Boost your shots with object removal, background sharpening, photo filters, and potent presets, making photo and video editing a breeze. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful photo and video editor that helps you capture and edit photos and videos quickly and capture stunning images with amazing presets.

What is a Lightroom photo editor?

Originally, Adobe only offered Photoshop. However, in 2007, the company realized that users needed a dedicated photo and video editor app where they could quickly edit their images. Introducing Adobe Lightroom (formerly known as Lightroom CC), a free photo and video editor app that makes it easy to capture and edit stunning images with its professional yet user-friendly photo editing tools, powerful presets, and distinctive filters.

To put it simply, Lightroom is an all-in-one editing application that comes with its own Camera app that helps you take stunning images, flawless image organization, cloud storage, a ton of presets, and raw and non-destructive image editing.

Millions of people use Lightroom worldwide because it is an excellent tool for both novice and expert photographers. Whether you are looking to perform a specific task quickly, like background sharpening, object removal, camera filters, advanced editing tools, premium presets, or color adjustment, Lightroom can handle it. Lightroom is now available on PC, mobile, tablet, and desktop.

What is Lightroom Mod apk?

The popular photo and video editing app Adobe Lightroom is available on the Google Play Store; about 60–70% of its features are free to use, but many more are locked and require a premium subscription. Lightroom Mod apk is a modified, fully unlocked version of Adobe Lightroom.

A premium subscription costs a lot of money. In addition, a lot of features are only compatible with PCs. If you use Lightroom on an Android device, you will naturally want to take advantage of all the premium features that are accessible in the most recent, fully free version of Lightroom.

But fear not—I have the solution! Lightroom mod apk allows you to edit your photos and videos with all the latest and most user-friendly presets and sophisticated tools available for free. With Adobe Lightroom CC mod apk, you can enjoy all those premium features without having to spend a single penny.

Lightroom Mod Info

200+ Effective presets unlocked
Ads free
No login required
Image import problems are solved
High-quality export
Removed unwanted permissions, providers, and services
Resources optimized and jpg, png, web p, etc compression applied
unnecessary files removed
Duplicate files removed
AOSP compatible
Debug info removed
Analytics, crash reports, and Firebase disabled
Optimized and zip-aligned graphics and cleaned resources for optimized speed

Features: Lightroom Mod APK

Numerous Filters and Effective Presets:

The abundance of filters available in Lightroom Premium is one of its best features; with just a few clicks, you can alter colors, tones, and textures to create stunning effects and moods in your images. Lightroom’s filters range from vibrant and punchy to moody and desaturated, completely changing the look and feel of your shots.

If you have modified the image yourself, Lightroom also provides an extensive library of professionally calibrated presets, which are pre-adjusted parameters from well-known photographers. These presets may be saved as your own and used to quickly achieve the same results on subsequent images.

Captures Amazing Photos With Camera App

The camera app feature in the Lightroom Mobile apk is like having a professional camera in your pocket. It allows you to take beautiful photos directly within the app. You can adjust settings like brightness and color, ensuring your photos look their best. The app even lets you shoot in RAW format, giving you more control over editing later. It’s a user-friendly and convenient tool for capturing and enhancing your photos all in one place.

Video Editor And Reels Maker

In addition to offering sophisticated photo editing tools, Lightroom Pro apk for Android is a very helpful app for creating reels and videos. It has precision sliders for adjusting brightness, sharpness, contrast, and many other aspects of video editing, and you can apply presets. You can also create, edit, replay, and share before-and-after videos of your edits to demonstrate your editing prowess.

Cloud Storage

The premium, unlocked version of Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk allows you to keep your altered and original photos in the cloud, so you do not have to worry about running out of space on your phone.

Any photos you import into Lightroom Cloud on one device are automatically synchronized with other devices where you have Lightroom Cloud installed, ensuring that your edits and photos are consistent across all of your devices. Lightroom Cloud makes it simple to share your photos with others. You can collaborate on specific collections with other users, share albums, and create web galleries.

The one drawback of cloud storage is its storage capacity, which is based on your subscription plan. If you go over your storage allotment, you may need to either manage your storage by deleting older or less significant photos or upgrade your plan.

Image Organization

When you make edits to an image, like adjusting exposure, Lightroom stores the original assets in a system called a catalog, which is a database that holds all the information about the photo. This type of non-destructive editing keeps the original image unaltered and intact. Lightroom uses catalogs to efficiently organize and manage photo collections, enabling users to search, browse, and access their images with ease.

With Adobe Lightroom, you can use Adobe Sensei to tag your photos, which will make it easier for you to find related images quickly. For instance, if you tag a photo with both “beach” and “sunset,” you can later search for all of your beach or sunset photos with just one click. Lightroom offers various ways to organize your images, making it simple to find the images you are looking for in your catalog.

  • Library Module
  • Creating Folders and Collections
  • Keyword Tagging
  • Date and Time Filters
  • Geotagging

Powerful Editing Using Advanced Tools

Adobe Lightroom is a robust mobile photo and video editor. Its tools are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, so anyone can benefit from its unique features. Simply import your raw image from your device and choose between using presets that have already been adjusted for quick editing or manually adjusting all the parameters, including sharpness, contrast, brightness, tone, exposure, and more.

Here are a few instances of Lightroom Mobile’s sophisticated editing features.

  • Selective Edits
  • Healing Brush
  • Gradient Filters
  • Radial Filters
  • HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance)
  • Advanced Color Adjustments

Simple Layout

This app offers a great user experience with a very simple layout that even a beginner can learn and use quite comfortably. Advanced tools are arranged in a pattern, and we can adjust every aspect with just a slider. At the top of the screen, there is a bar with buttons and icons that you can use to search for photos, go back, and access your account settings. At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons to edit your photo, which allow you to adjust brightness, colors, and other aspects of your picture.

Lightroom Mod Apk Features

  • Premium Unlocked: All of the premium features are unlocked in this pro version of Lightroom that we are offering. All you have to do is download this mod version and take advantage of all the premium features without having to pay a dime. Download this apk to experience the luxury that Lightroom Premium users enjoy.
  • Presets Unlocked: What a great feature this is: many presets accessible on the market are paid for, but this app offers a ton of unlocked presets. Lr Mobile Apk has more than 200 presets that are unlocked. You may create custom presets and export them. You can also import presets from well-known photographers.
  • No Ads: This app is entirely free of any advertisements, so you may work in a tranquil, distraction-free atmosphere without worrying about interruptions while you are editing your photos.
  • No Login Required: One convenient feature of this app is that it does not require you to create an account in order to edit, which speeds up and simplifies the editing process. To avoid logging in, simply click the “x” cross icon in the top corner of the screen when the login screen appears.
  • High-Quality Export: One fantastic feature of the lite APK is that it allows you to save your edited photos in high definition. This means that your images maintain their original quality, whether you save them on your computer or share them on social media. It also means that your pictures stay bright and clear when you share them online or in print.
  • Free and Secure: It is almost like magic that you can obtain the original secured apk for free. Lightroom premium apk with all the features unlocked is free to use, and you do not have to spend money. The developer has successfully checked and fixed all security concerns. This apk is fully secured.
  • No Watermark: This lite apk version does not include any advertisements or watermarks; you can add or delete your own watermark; you can optionally apply a Lightroom watermark; and you can quickly export your photographs without a watermark.

How to download and Install?

Simply follow these easy steps to download the latest version of Lightroom Premium unlocked:

  • First of all, click on the download apk button and download it from
  • Allow Unable unknown sources from device settings.
  • Then tap the “Install” button and wait until the installation is done.
  • Open and enjoy the latest 2024 version of Lightroom mod apk premium unlocked.

Pros And Cons of Lightroom Mobile:

Lightroom Mobile is synchronized with Adobe Creative Cloud.Certain users experience performance issues on their devices and within the app when using this application.
One-stop shop of all editing tools for photo and video editing.Images cannot be converted into printing files when utilizing Lightroom which can be a drawback when we want to print the image directly from Lightroom.
The mod version provides all the premium features unlocked.
Non-destructive editing and image organization.

What is new in v9.1.1?

The following upgraded features are present in the new Lightroom mobile mod apk version over the old versions.

  • I fixed some bugs and improved stability to make your experience smoother.
  • Improved editing experience: find the photos easier and edit faster with menu and back gesture navigation enhancements.
  • Edit faster with Profiles and Optics tools automatically enabled swipe-up gestures, and more.
  • Connect with photographers on Adobe Community.
  • New support for the latest cameras and lenses.
  • AI-powered lens blur to add blur effects.

Lightroom Mod APK: Old Versions


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FAQs: Lightroom Mod APK

Is Lightroom free to use?

While Lightroom is available for free download from the Google Play Store, the Lightroom mod apk is free and unlocks all premium features.

Is Lightroom Mod apk safe to use?

It is indeed safe to use Lightroom Mod Apk; the file you downloaded is optimized and free of viruses and other issues.

Do I need a high-end device to download the Lightroom mod APK?

Lightroom may be used on a low-end Android handset and is compatible with Android 8.0 and higher.

Can we edit videos through it?

Yes, Lightroom is both a photo and video editor.

Do I have to log in with an account?

No login is needed for the Lightroom mod app. To avoid logging in, click the “x” on the login screen.

Does the mod version support presets?

Yes, the Lightroom app offers 200+ presets unlocked.

What are some of the best lightroom alternatives?

A few substitutes for Lightroom Mobile are Capture One, Photoshop Express, Snapseed, VSCO, and Picsart.

Final Verdict: Lightroom Mod APK

To sum up, downloading Lightroom APK gives you access to a professional-quality tool that can be used to edit and modify photos on the go. Its easy-to-use interface, extensive feature set, and seamless integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud mean that this APK version puts the power of Lightroom’s editing capabilities right at your fingertips.

Lightroom APK guarantees that the tools to enhance your photos are always within reach, whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiast with a passion for visual storytelling. By downloading this APK, you are not just getting an app; you are unlocking a world of creative possibilities where your photos can be elevated to new levels of excellence.

Prepare to capture, edit, and share your moments with unparalleled precision—because with Lightroom APK, your photos are about to shine brighter than ever! Bid adieu to basic photo editing and hello to a new era of visual storytelling! Download Lightroom APK now and join the community of users who have embraced the versatility and precision of this acclaimed photo editing app. Do not miss out on the chance to refine your photos, express your creativity, and create stunning visuals that stand out!

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