Granny Mod APK v1.8.1 (Unlimited Health and Everything)

Granny Mod APK
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Download the latest version of the Granny Mod APK. This Mod App is Premium Unlocked with All Premium Features and No Ads Granny Mod APK.

We have a fantastic horror game for you if you enjoy scary stuff. It’s called Granny and it’s rather well-liked online. This horror game has millions of players, which is why it gets excellent ratings and reviews all over the internet. You must be active in this game since it takes place in a spooky house.

If you don’t leave the haunted house in time, you’ll be imprisoned there with the eerie grandmother forever. Finding several items that will enable you to open various doors and objects is essential if you want to leave the property. In this game, you must locate several hints as they will direct you in the correct direction.

Granny’s game features an extremely straightforward user interface, so you won’t ever run into any issues because everything is clear to comprehend. The optimization of this game is good. You will thus have a smooth and lag-free gaming experience with this game.

What is Granny APK?

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In the horror game Granny, you have to discreetly leave her home since she’s constantly on the lookout. You must thus use caution when looking for hints. You don’t need to pay a dime for this simple version of the usual granny game, which you may download for free.

Since there are no paid features or goods in this game, you will have complete access to everything and won’t require money for anything.

What is Granny Mod APK Download?

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This is the modified version of the Granny game, which can be downloaded from our website. It has intriguing elements that the original version does not have.

When playing Granny in the modified version, there are no waiting times because all features are enabled and accessible for unrestricted usage. Because the mod version offers god mode, where you would be eternal, you may simply leave the mansion.

Features of Granny Mod APK

Hide from Granny

Although Granny is a horror and thriller game, you must play it carefully since Granny will be prowling the home and you will need to hide from her. Your game will end and you will have to restart from scratch if you are discovered by Granny.

That’s the reason you should hide beneath the bed when you hear that grandmother is approaching. You can only leave her residence in this manner.

Collect Keys

You will come across several doors in this game, some of which will be closed and some of which will be open, but you will still need to locate them.

Granny’s house is dark, thus finding various keys requires a touch or lamp. However, you may only gather one thing at a time, so if you choose a key, you must check each door with that key.

Escape House

You can only win this game by leaving her house, thus there isn’t any other way to do it. There will be several methods for you to get out of the house, including door, boat, and helicopter escapes.

However, you will have to put in a lot of effort to find several artifacts in this game that will enable you to unlock doors and pathways that will take you outside the mansion. Keep everything off the floor; she hears everything.

Find Clues

This game will feature plenty of hints that will point you in the direction of various goods you’ll need to leave the home, but you’ll still need to locate them.

However, you must exercise caution because if your grandmother finds out, she will catch you and your fun will be finished. There are many of locations in this game where you can hide from grandmother, but you’ll need to move quickly.

Shoot Granny

You may also shoot Grandma, but first, you need to locate the shotgun—it’s stashed someplace in her home. You may only carry two bullets at once, so be careful to get the rest as well.

You can shoot Grandma if you spot her wandering about the home, but it will only be effective for two minutes because Grandma is immortal and cannot be killed. However, shooting her will buy you more time to get away.

Horror Sounds

You will hear several terrifying sound effects while playing Granny’s Game. This game is more fascinating and pleasant because of the distinct scary mood created by these many effects. However, you may disable the scary noises in the options if you’d like not to hear them. Play with these scary effects if you want a granny game to have a fully terrifying atmosphere.

Mod Features: Granny Mod APK

God Mode

The mod version of the granny game eliminates the need for you to search hard for various items that open doors and other objects, whereas the original version requires a lot of labor to locate.

This version offers god mode, where everything is unlocked and all the keys and clues are readily available without any issues. Thus, you may select anything you need to leave the house with ease.


In the regular version of the granny game, getting hit by her will end the game and force you to restart, but in the modified version, you won’t ever die. With the immortal feature this mod adds to the game, even if Grandma strikes you, your character will never perish and will be able to flee the home with ease.

Ads Free Version

Ads are quite annoying since they disrupt your game in the original version, however, with the mod version, they don’t create any issues.

This version offers the game to users without any advertisements. Because of this, the game’s current edition will never include pop-up windows or video advertisements. To play this game uninterrupted, download the Granny mod APK version on your device.

Granny Mod APK: Old Versions


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FAQs: Granny Mod APK

How to get an unlocked granny game?

To obtain an unlocked version of the Granny game, you must download the mod APK version from our website. Once downloaded, the game will be fully unlocked.

Can I play Granny mod APK without the internet?

Indeed! With this mod version, you may play a granny mod APK game offline at any time, anywhere, without needing to connect to the internet.

Final Verdict: Granny Mod APK

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