Detailed Review of DupliChecker’s Free and Paid Plagiarism Checker

Review of DupliChecker
Review of DupliChecker

DupliChecker is among the best plagiarism checkers available online. It has won the trust of hundreds of thousands of SEO experts, digital marketers, and students. Some of them regularly check their content using this tool; others need it once. However, most people who use this tool appreciate its accuracy in detecting plagiarism.

DupliChecker has introduced free and paid versions of its plagiarism tool depending on customers’ usage. This article will discuss them in detail.

Free Version of DupliChecker

Usually, the plagiarism software doesn’t offer a free version to any user. Even if they do, they provide a limited amount of words that are not even enough to check a single assignment or article. However, the users of DupliChecker don’t need to go through this hassle. DupliChecker offers users to check an unlimited amount of words whenever they want. However, the only problem the users face is that they can review 1000 words in a single query. After that, they can check another 1000 words, and that’s how they can break their articles into parts and check plagiarism of the entire content. Besides English, you can also check your content in other languages. That’s why you don’t need to worry if your content is in another language.

The free version of this plag checker gives an accurate Plagiarism check report. So whether you are a freelance writer, SEO expert, or website owner, you can rely on its results and upload content once this plagiarism tool gives you the results.

Now you might be thinking why you need to purchase the pro version of DupliChecker’s plagiarism detector when you can get all the benefits without paying. You will get the answer later in this article. However, before comparing both of them, let’s see what the paid version of DupliChecker offers.

Paid Version of DupliChecker

DupliChecker’s paid plagiarism detector offers some additional features you don’t get in the free version. For example, you don’t need to break your content into chunks when you use the paid version. It doesn’t matter whether you want to check a small article or even a research paper; one query is enough. This plagiarism checker’s premium version allows users to check up to 25,000 words in a single query.

Besides that, the paid version of this plagiarism tool is also more efficient in detecting plagiarism in the content. In addition to website content, this tool is also reliable when it comes to academic assignments and research papers. Its AI-based technology not only detects the exactly matched content but also highlights similar content. The deep scan technology of this version can also find the paraphrased content. That’s why many industry experts prefer its paid version over the free one. You can check its pricing plans and choose the one that suits you more!

Let’s compare both of them!

Comparison of DupliChecker’s Paid and Free Plagiarism Checker

Here we have compared both the free and paid versions of Duplichecker’s plagiarism tool.

Word Limitations Per Query

As mentioned earlier in this article, the free version offers 1,000 words per query, but the limitation rises to 25,000 words when users purchase the pro version of this excellent plagiarism finder. That’s why many people who don’t want to put themselves in trouble by breaking the files into portions, locating for duplication, removing plagiarism, and then rearranging them need to prefer the pro version over the free one.

Total Words Users Can Check

The above portion of the article was related to a single query. However, this part will discuss the number of words users can check using this tool’s free and pro versions. If you are a free user, you can check unlimited words without worrying about paying to renew your subscription. But you get limited advantages using the free version. However, to check plagiarism online using the pro version of DupliChecker’s plagiarism checker, you will have to pay according to your usage. The Basic Package of Pro version starts from $10. In that package, users get up to 100 searches, the total word limit is 30,000, and they enjoy all the exclusive features. However, users can choose the packages according to their preferences and usage. The costliest package of this plagiarism checker costs $200, which is, in fact, an economic package for enterprises who need to check plagiarism in their content regularly. The word limit is 1,200,000 words, and users get up to 4,000 searches. In addition, it also provides 20 seats that can help the writers manage their own tasks without depending on anyone.


The free version’s database is extensive, consisting of millions of web pages. That’s why it accurately detects plagiarism in the content. However, the paid version offers a lot more than that. The database that the paid version consists of billions of pages. Even its AI makes it more accurate in finding plagiarism in every kind of content. The use of AI makes it much better and more reliable than many other plagiarism checker tools.


The plagiarism report you get is essential, especially when writing for someone else or you have to submit it with your content. That’s why the paid version of this plagiarism checker allows users to develop custom PDF reports. This authentic plagiarism report is acceptable by many SEO experts and website owners. That’s why you can rely on this report. However, you don’t get the option to get a custom PDF report in the free version of this plagiarism checker.

Data Safety

Data safety is one of the biggest concerns of writers as they don’t want their work to get published by anyone else. Unfortunately, some ordinary plagiarism software copies the users’ data and saves them into their database. They can use that data for their benefit. That’s why you should stay away from those kinds of plagiarism tools. If you use DupliChecker to detect plagiarism in your content, you don’t need to worry about this issue.

Your data is always secure with this plagiarism checker. Both of its versions are safe for everyone. Furthermore, you can blindly trust this plagiarism detector, as it doesn’t save even a single character in its database.

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The plag checker of DupliChecker has gained the trust of industry experts and professional writers with its exclusive features. Therefore, even if you use its free version, you can trust its results. However, if you want perfection, the paid version is the best as it offers more accuracy, ease of plagiarism detection, and provides custom PDF reports.

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