Last Day On Earth Survival Mod APK v1.20.6 (Premium, Unlocked All, Mega Menu)

Last Day On Earth Survival Mod APK
App NameLast Day On Earth Survival Mod APK
MOD FeaturesPremium, Unlocked All, Mega Menu
Size258 MB
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How To GuideHow to install mod apk

Download the latest version of Last Day On Earth Survival Mod APK. This Mod App is Premium Unlocked with All Premium Features & No Ads Last Day On Earth Survival Mod APK.

Mod 1

Menu Mod
One Hit Kill
God Mode
Attack Speed
Movement Speed
Free Craft
Max Durability
Instant Travel
Unlimited Item
Unlimited Food
Unlimited Water
No Skill Requirement
Unlock Premium
Unlock All Skins
Unlock Bike Skins
Unlock Weapon Modify
Unlimited Inbox Item

Mod 2

Free crafting and building (you can craft things even if you don’t have enough components);
Infinite durability of tools and equipment;
You can split single items;
Paid skins unlocked;
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, which has the following options:
Dividing items increase their number;
All crafting recipes are available regardless of the character level;
Instant movement on foot across the global map (events do not appear without wasting energy);
Open the rewards of a paid survivor’s diary + moving from a location to a global map gives an unknown box + moving from a global map to a location will spawn raiders;
High damage;
Fast walk;
Mobs stand still

Mod 3

Моd menu (with a choice):
– Free crafting and construction (does not work in PvP zones, including Sector 7);
– Free update
– All recipes are open
– Fast crafting on Workbench
– Duplication of single items
– When split resources, their number increases
– Durability weapon
– Instant travel on foot on the map
– Unlocked all events on the global map
– Unlimited food
– Boost, x2 HP and other

Mod 4

Menu Mod
Premium Unlock
Bike Skin Unlocked
Weapon Modify Unlocked
Blackmod Gift ( Build Atv Bike With One Click And More )
Skin Unlocked
One Hit
God Mode
Unlimited Durability (Weapon , Armor…) [new]
Crash Fixed [new]
Magic Split (Split An Item To Get More) [new]
Craft From The 1st Level ( No Level Requirements )
Item Duplication (Split An Item To Get More)
Free Crafting (Craft Without Required Items)
Free Building (Build Without Required Items Tajobs)
No Building Requirements
Free Upgrading (Upgrade Without Required Items)
No Level Requirements
Fast Travel
No Energy Cost ( Choose Walk To Move )
Instant Move ( Choose Walk To Move )
Unlock All Event
Unlimited Iteam Food Water ( Turn Off If U Can Put Item )
Fast Loot ( Click To Loot No Wait Time)
No Level Skill Requirement ( Open All Chest Dor Need Lv Skill )
Unlimited Inbox Item ( Gift Box , Pack Box , Single Weapon )
Fast Move Speed
All Event Unlocked

Mod 5

– [ Player Menu ] –

God Mode
Damage Multiplier
Defense Multiplier
Movement Speed Multiplier (enemy also benefits)
Ignore defecate debuffs
No Skill Cooldown
Always Critical Hits
No need to Aim
– [ Enemy Menu ] –

Dumb Enemy
– [ Items Menu ] –

Items don’t get consumed when used
Duplicate Items when Splitting
– [ Map Menu ] –

World Map Cheap Travel
World Map Fast Travel
– [ Freebies Menu ] –

Ignore requierements on several actions (unlock items, craft them without consuming items, build without consuming items, …)
Unlock Skins
Unlock Weapon Modify

The large environment and intricate gameplay of Last Day on Earth’s survival game will engross you in a post-apocalyptic setting. Above all, the addition of new material will always increase your enjoyment and pique your curiosity about perilous locations where prizes may be found.

Discover A Hige World Full Of Resources

The game’s expansive globe presents a challenge and unseen barriers that stop the player from moving further since it has different levels and needs. However, each location has abundant resources and a variety of enemies, which together create terrifyingly deadly pressure. More significant occasions or locations will gradually surface on the map, which will make it simple for you to maintain interest in investigating or recovering anything you find despite the risks.

Engineer And Amend Your Equipment

As you go through the game, you will need to obtain additional resources or equipment since you will need to do so to reach higher levels. To support the construction, you may build additional homes, furnishings, and buildings, greatly enhancing the quality of life. Depending on your level, the crafting system will gradually open up, allowing you access to additional facilities and weaponry to make and enhance all of your gear in case the worst happens.

Go Bunker Searching For Loots

Even if the lowest floors of a bunker are perilous due to the variety of zombies inside, people continue to descend because of the valuable loot and unique experiences. After a while, the bunkers will reset, allowing you to search for rare minerals or engage in zombie farming for a variety of prizes. The bunker also doubles as a workshop where you may create vehicles, giving you the chance to create a massive motorbike or a solid tank for rushing into perilous situations.

Silent Controls For Immediate Action

You may do several actions as you explore the game’s globe thanks to its slick controls. The freedom and immersion the game gives to everyone in every playing is demonstrated by the fact that you may engage in covert killings or interact with the environment to flee or acquire supplies. As you get access to more expensive gear, additional interactions will become available, giving you more opportunities to effectively take out each target.

Rage On The Bases Of Other Players

You may raid other players’ bases that spawn randomly on the map using the raid feature, however it is a complicated procedure and will net you a lot of treasure. To get to the enemy’s resource storage, you’ll also need to go past formidable defences, demolish buildings, and take whatever other measures are necessary. You may participate in the raid with friends and get the extra benefit of laughing out loud when they join in.

Make Plans For Random Occasions

Random events will take place all around the planet, and their content will either be artistic or a chance for you to gather a lot of priceless stuff. The game frequently includes a tonne of themed activities, as well as a sizable Christmas event with tonnes of prizes, costumes, and extras to reward all players. Above all, if you perform admirably in each event, the value of your award will rise dramatically and you’ll have a rich life.

Last Day On Earth Survival Key Features

  • Building: Players may gather materials to manufacture a variety of things, including tools, weapons, and structures to expand their base.
  • Players must control their thirst, hunger, and health in order to live in the game.
  • Zombies: One of the primary threats players must avoid throughout the game is zombies.
  • Multiplayer: Players may team up with pals and form clans to play the game and survive.
  • Players can scout out various areas of the game environment, including woods, caverns, and deserted cities.
  • Missions and quests: In order to advance in the game and obtain prizes, players can accomplish missions and quests.
  • Players can exchange goods and resources with other players through trading.
  • Events: The game has ongoing events that present players with fresh difficulties and benefits.
  • Customization of characters: Players may choose from a variety of outfits and accessories for their characters.
  • Pets: To assist them in survival, players can acquire and train pets.

How to install Last Day On Earth Survival Mod APK

1. Dowload files .apks or .zip from webstie

2. Download Split APKs Installer (SAI)

3. Open SAI go to settings and activate signe before Install (for non ROOT)

4. Install APK and choose both files and Click install

5. Enjoy
  1. Download “Last Day On Earth Survival Mod APK
  2. Install the Downloaded Apk without using the internet/wifi.
  3. Open the Installer, and complete your process.
  4. Let it Install Completely In Your Android Device
  5. Open the MOD APK App and Enjoy Free Unlimited Resources.

Congrats! Now Last Day On Earth Survival Mod APK has been installed on your Android device, you can hack that app and enjoy using it. Just download this mod by following the steps outlined above and then have fun with its truly amazing features.

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