How to Get VidIQ Boost For Free 2021

Get VidIQ Boost For Free
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Are you searching for How to get VidIQ boost for free? If yes then now no need to search it again just bookmark this article.

In this article I will help you to get VidIQ boost plan for free.

VidIQ Boost is an amazing tool for YouTubers that will help you get more views, likes and shares on your videos. It includes several features to make this happen including VidIQ Score, Viral Sharer and Community Engagement Meter.

With these tools at your disposal, you can be sure that your video content will go viral! VidIQ has been around for many years now but with the release of their latest product, they are gaining widespread attention in the social media marketing world. This post is all about how to get VidIQ Boost for free so stay tuned…

So if you are a YouTuber or planning to start your channel the just follow the below steps to get VidIQ Boost for free.

Steps To Get VidIQ Boost For Free

  • First of all goto VidIQ using below button
  • Here you need to signup you can signup by entering your email and password or you can use the Signup with google option.

Note: Signup with the email associated with your YouTube channel

signup for vidiq account
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After signup, it asks you to authenticate your youtube channel to do that just click on authenticate your youtube channel button.

authenticate youtube channel with VidIQ
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Now choose the Gmail that associated with your youtube account. It asks you for some permissions just allow all of them.

choose youtube channel email
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Now you will get a confirmation email from VidIQ. Confirm your email by clicking on the link given in the email.

confirm you email for VidIQ account
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Here click on the subscribers option and then click on the upgrade to boost button.

Upgrade to VidIQ Boost For Free
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Now you will see plans of VidIq just choose boost plan by clicking on upgrade to boost.

VidIQ subscription plans
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On this page, it will so you monthly price of boost plan that is $49/mo but you will get 100% off just use one promo code from the codes given below.

VidIQ boost Promocode
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Promocodes for VidIQ boost-

  • OSI
  • CVX19

After entering the promo code click on the card option just above the pomo code section.

VidIQ boost plan for free
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Now it will ask you for the address here enter you address

Enter address for VidIQ boost Plan
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Now it will ask you for the card details you can use any visa, master, or American Express card.

If you don’t have a card you can use the virtual credit card if you don’t know how to create a virtual credit card then read our guide on How to create virtual credit cards to claim online tools.

VidIQ boost Virtual Credit Cards
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That is it you successfully get VidIQ boost plan for free.

Free vidIQ boost plan
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To check your VidIQ plan go to Upgrade > Manage your plan > here you will your plan information

VidIQ boost Plans free
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This is how you can get VidIQ boost for free.

Step By Step Video Guide On How To Get VidIQ Boost Plan For Free

FAQ – About VidIQ Boost

Here are some most asked question about VidIQ boost.

Is VidIQ boost free?

VidIQ is a freemium tool that means you can use it for free with limited features but if you want to use all the features you need to pay some amount. If we talk about VidIQ boost then no it’s not free it’s one of the premium plans of VidIQ.

How can I get vidIQ free trial?

You will get 30 days free trial of VidIQ boost and Pro plan. After creating your account on VidIQ use the below promo codes to claim your 30 days free trial.

Promo codes-

How much does vidIQ boost cost?

VidIQ has three plans that start from $7.50/month.

Here are three plans of VidIQ
VidIQ Pro will cost you $7.50/mo
VidIQ Boost will cost you $39/mo
VidIQ Boost Plus will cost you $415/mo

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In this article, I share an easy but very useful trick to get VidIQ boost for free that will help you to grow your youtube channel rapidly. If you found this article helpful share it with your friends and family.

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