How to create a virtual credit card Free in 2021

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I will tell you how to create a virtual credit card without any bank account. Usually, we need a bank account to create a virtual credit card but if you read this article till the end you will learn how to create a virtual credit card without having a bank account.

The cards that you can create using this method work on different websites to activate some premium stuff for free.

Note:- These cards are not connected to any bank account so they don’t have a balance in it. If you try to buy something with these cards it’s not possible.

These cards are only used to activate some premium stuff for free on different websites.

Steps to create virtual credit card

To create a virtual credit card we are using a random card generator website.


We also need BIN (Bank Identification Number) to create virtual credit cards using this site.

BIN is an initial set of four to six numbers available on the payment card.

Here we are going to use random BIN

But wait if you are making this card to active premium stuff for free from websites then need the BIN that works on that particular website (On every website you need a different BIN to activate there premium stuff for free).

I shared BIN on my telegram channel and Instagram to access premium stuff free from websites like Canva, Moz, and Namecheap, etc.

So if you need those BIN you can join my telegram channel or Instagram simply by searching @aceofhacking in the telegram app or Instagram app and you can use below button to join Ace Of Hacking telegram channel or Instagram.

Learn How To Create A Virtual Credit Card

Let’s dive into the process of generating random credit cards

Step 1: Go to card generator website (

how to use canva pro account
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Step 2: Now enter BIN (Bank Identification Number) in here 

how to use canva premium free
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Step 3: Enter quantity (How many cards you need) Always enter 50-100 quantity because all cards that we generate are not working.

canva premium free account
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Step 4: Click on generate don’t change any other thing here.

how to create a virtual credit card
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Step 5: Boom!! Here you will get virtual credit cards details

virtual credit card free
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So as I said in step 3 all cards that we generate using this method are not working so we need to check which card is working.

To find working virtual credit cards we will use a credit cards checker website.

CC Checker:

Steps to check working virtual credit cards

Step 1: Go to the credit card checker website.

Step 2: Paste all card details that we generate and click on the start button

premium canva pro account free
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Step 3: Now we got live credit cards that we can use on different different website to get Premium stuff for free.

canva premium
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FAQ – About Virtual Credit Card

Using virtual credit cards legal or not?

Yes, using virtual credit cards is legal. That’s why popular banks like State bank of India, HDFC Bank and Kotak Mahindra bank also provide an option to create virtual credit cards.

Why do we need a virtual credit card?

Because sharing our real credit card details is not a good thing to do if our details will be leaked then anyone who has our details will be able to use our card without our permission that’s why we need virtual credit cards.

Virtual credit cards safe or not?

Virtual credit cards are 100% safe. When we create a virtual credit card with any bank account we will get an option for the value of the card where we can choose the maximum spend limit according to our use.

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I hope you enjoyed this trick about how to create a virtual credit card without any bank about. Now let me know what you say about it in the comments.

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