Cunt Wars Mod APK v1.65 (Money, VIP, Damage, MegaMod)

Cunt Wars Mod APK
App NameCunt Wars Mod APK
PublisherCunt Wars
MOD FeaturesMoney, VIP, Damage, MegaMod
Size87 MB
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How To GuideHow to install mod apk
chick wars 2

Download the latest version of Cunt Wars Mod APK. This Mod App is Premium Unlocked with All Premium Features & No Ads. Install Cunt Wars Mod APK.

1. Draw all-league cards
– You can Draw locked league cards at any stage
2. Battle Speed 4x
– battle speed increased from 2x to 4x
3. Instant Journey win
– the instant win is unlocked in the journey
4. Unlimited Currency – Not recommended
– All currencies are unlimited, gems and sparks: 5000, dungeon, pit, DT keys: 2
5. Low card level-up cost
– gold consumption for card level-up is decreased by x4
6. Easy Pit boss win – don’t kill the last boss
– when the pit battle ends, the pit boss will have only 10 hp left.
7. Rewards Multiplier
– Gems, Gold, Guild coins, event eggs, friends coins are multiplied by the given value max x3
8. VIP 1-4
– play at level VIP (1-4), now you will get VIP 1,4 medal
9. Damage and Health multiplier
– multiply damage by the given value max x3
10. Evolve Cost Reduction
– evolve cost reduction up to 60%
11. PVP chests can start opening them all – Passive
– start opening all PVP chests cooldown
12. Premium Butt Pass
– enable pit boss cheat to activate the premium pass (Nutaku only)

MOD V2 – safe mod
1. Evolve cost -20%
2. battle speed 2x and 4x
3. can start PVP chests
4. pvp chests time reduction (a little bit)
5. +20 pit shuffles/re-rolls
6. Instant win for event boss and cleared journey bosses

1. Evolve cost -20%
2. battle speed 2x and 4x
3. can start PVP chests
4. pvp chests time reduction (a little bit)
5. +20 pit shuffles/re-rolls
6. Instant win for event boss and cleared journey bosses
7. Reward modified
+15 gem each time you collect the gems
+1000 Gold each time you collect the Gold
+2x guild contribution

In the action-adventure game Cunt Wars, the player assumes the role of the hero of each epic tale and creates a stunning harem for himself. They are the ideal fusion of several aspects or notions, and they will fight in endless fascinating and entertaining conflicts. The highlight and key element for players’ enjoyment, nevertheless, is the dating component of the games.

Start An Infinite Journey With Girls


The protagonists of the tale are the players, therefore Cunt Wars will bring a unique recruitment system to get ready for every battle. Fortunately, all of the members have twisted personalities and are hot and sensual to provide gamers with the most thrilling experiences, whether in bed or on the battlefield. The gameplay and all of the material center around the player’s romantic relationships with the many girls and their never-ending thrill.

From there, they gradually establish a solid name for themselves and hire additional fresh females to amuse or have fun with them on each hot night. Players must battle in order to level up, access the main plot, do objectives, and obtain equipment in addition to having fun with the females. To fully experience the fantasy adventure component, players will have complete access to a number of fascinating systems, including characters, talents, weapons, and more.

Simple And Interesting Turn-Based Combat Mechanism

chick wars 3

This game’s turn-based strategic warfare system has a high tempo and flexible reaction system to improve the user experience and entertainment value. Additionally, characters and adversaries have a variety of unique powers that are all automatically activated based on the player’s tactical decisions. Additionally, every move has a significant impact on the overall conflict, giving the player a strong sense of richness throughout every fight.

The synchronization between each character is crucial in developing their tactical talents, despite the fast-paced nature of the game. Players can boost their chances of winning various battles by setting traps, using special talents, and using things wisely depending on their turn. Of course, the players have total control over the game, allowing them to take full use of the turn-based RPG.

Collect New Girls And Unlock Their Abilities

In Cunt Wars, each female is given a richly detailed character, complete with unique personalities, appearances, emotions, and fighting techniques. The player must unlock their secrets in addition to customizing their talents or powers dependent on their emotional level. In addition, as a sweet reward for their tireless efforts to take care of every female, players will unlock a few exclusive and seductive sequences.

A Vast World to Discover and Rule

Cunt Wars’ environment has undergone a number of noteworthy upgrades that include a number of fantastic areas for players to visit or fully explore. In addition to the girls, the game will also contribute original material including dungeons, mini-games, arenas, guilds, etc. For players to challenge themselves and take everything, each location offers a large and substantial reward system.

Although Cunt Wars is an action-adventure game, the emergence of the new chicks serves as the primary plot and source of player incentive. Additionally, it adds a more intriguing spectrum while showcasing the fundamental characteristics of a turn-based RPG strategy game.

How to install Cunt Wars Mod APK

How to install unsigned moded apk on Android 7 + (emulator or phone)
1. Root the device
2. Download exposed installer Download Xposed Installer apk and install into your device
3. open the exposed and install the framework (you will see after opening the exposed), reboot the device
4. download the core patch English Android apk and install it (it’s an exposed module)
5. open exposed > goto module > and activate the core patch and restart your device
6. open the core patch and enable the ( disable apk signature verification )
7. you are done, now install the unsigned apk

Congrats! Now Cunt Wars Mod APK has been installed on your Android device, you can hack that app and enjoy using it. Just download this mod by following the steps outlined above and then have fun with its truly amazing features.

Cunt Wars Mod APK Old Versions


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Final Verdict – Cunt Wars Mod APK

We recommend our readers use Cunt Wars Mod APK and other similar modified APKs. Instead, they should use legitimate means to access content and games that are appropriate for their age and interests. It is essential to prioritize your safety and make informed decisions when it comes to downloading and using apps on your device.

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